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About this edition

This edition is the first edition, a draft version that actually generated surprising impact in 2009, read more. Therefore, it is good for book collections as it will be out of print and will not be reprinted.

About the Book

Mankind discovered and practiced evolutionary belief for at least some thousands of years. What is evolution, was it just biological evolution, or was it just Darwin? Evolution theory, who originated it? Natural Selection, who discovered it? During the author's working on scientific and direct proof of God's existence, the concepts of faith evolution, consciousness evolution, and the principle of Faith Science (FS) emerged in 2008; in the same time, the author came across the Darwin - Wallace affair quite unexpectedly, which was an unsolved controversy for more than 150 years. Darwin was apparently due honesty. The author proposed Wallace - Darwin Theory of Natural Selection, provided evidence that focused on the period of 1855-1858, and surprisingly the author discovered that Wallace, himself might be unaware of, actually and critically proved biological evolution in 1855. Evolutionary belief was as strong in pre-modern science as it has been in modern science.

-- How science works?

This book is also for beginners in science. Simple cases were used to illustrate how science works. For instance, Wallace's case could be very inspirational for people curious about science. Only received a few years of family tutor and 6 years of school education Wallace became a self taught scientist. He thought rightfully with his observations and solved a longtime debate whether species mutable in modern science, which was among the most important discoveries in 19th century. This book can help general readers to understand or even toward mastering scientific languages in simple fashions.

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Faith Science look at the book

About this edition

This "Celebration edition of the birth of faith sience" is the first edition, a draft version that actually generated surprising impact in 2008, read more. Therefore, it is good for book collections as it will be out of print and will not be reprinted.

About the Book

Can science prove God's existence? Can the practices and studies of human faith of hundreds and thousands of years be developed into a new science? After you read this book, your answer to those questions will definitely be yes. Faith is believing. Science can be developed to prove God's existence directly and successfully. The author thought and worked on faith and science for many years in his career as a physician scientist. The author felt the call to attempt the challenge of the proof of God's existence around March 2008. After many trials and errors, the author finally made the breakthrough in 2008. Here the author put together sixteen documents of original research that recorded the discoveries of how God exists, the origin of the evolution idea, faith evolution, how faith evolution is related to natural selection, the biological origin of faith, faith genes, the origin of God, the origin of consciousness, and the laws of existence energy equivalence in physics. This is the first book about the birth of faith science.

The book is consisted of two volumes, each contains eight documents.

The Volume I is entitled "Religion and Science Bridged".

The first document recorded what the theory of MG = kEG is and how it was discovered.

The second document recorded how the idea of evolution was discovered in Genesis through an efficient scientific test.
The discovery of evolutionary ideas in the Old Testament demonstrated that evolutionary ideas could be at least as old as when the book of Genesis in the Old Testament was written.

The third, the fourth and the sixth documents recorded a series of essays under the same title "Heavens, Universe and Origin of Life".
The first of the series recorded the initial version of reconciling the first verse of the Bible "In the beginning, when God created the Heavens and the earth," which seems contradicting with the belief of "God created the universe".
The second of the series recorded the discovery of faith evolution. Under three subtitles: "The Faith Evolution in Human Being", "Faith Exists Among Other Species", and "Faith Evolution Sustains Natural Selection".
The third of the series recorded the origin of God.
It was written in the Christmas season of 2008 when the birthday of the Son of God, Jesus Christ was celebrated.
The origin of God was related to the Old testament and the New Testament according to Judaism - Christian faith, the big bang theory of Universe, a diverse origin of God in the world culture and the author's compatible scientific theory of how God exists.
The author concluded that the faithful could make science to help the world move toward a culture of one-God faith.

The fifth document is entitled "Science and New Science - On the Scientific Proof of God's Existence and beyond".
This essay reflected the truth that when a new science was defined, it often met difficulties to be recognized, accepted or promoted.
The author wrote it as an open letter to Nature production editor in chief, using the birth of faith science as an instance, and also reflected other historical scientific events such as that of Galilei, Mendel, Wallace, Einstein and Lemaitre. When they helped to define new sciences, all of them met difficult situations left in history with painful memories. The author suggests and appreciates that the science community ought to take extra care to new sciences.

The seventh document recorded the discovery of faith gene families, a biological origin of faith. The relatively well defined DNA check and repair genes are belong to faith gene families.

The eighth document recorded the discovery of the origin of the consciousness of life. Consciousness exists in all kinds of life forms.

The Volume II is under the title of "New Physics Laws".

Eight documents recorded the discovery of Existence Energy Equivalence (EEE).
The author introduced physics concept of existence () and its relationship to energy ( = E). Eight documents stated new physics laws of "∃ = E".

About the Author

Chun Yang, M.D., was a faculty member at Harvard and is currently a principle scientist at the National Institute of Faith Science Initiatives. He is also the founder of the Institute.

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